C-Level Networking

CREARO successfully supports medium-sized companies in their search for executives at international locations.

The CREARO network, which has grown over many years through shared experience in a wide variety of projects, companies, cultures, and continents, offers an excellent basis for filling demanding management positions. We attach particular importance to addressing candidates whom we, based on personal experience, consider particularly suitable for the respective task.

Through our existing contacts and a well-functioning network of people in top positions in various companies, we support our customers in adequately filling management positions, even at foreign locations. Our focus is primarily on companies from the DACH region for their expansion in Asia, but we also operate globally, in locations worldwide.

We recently successfully placed managing directors for two of our clients in the automotive industry in Mexico and Asia.

Classic HR consultants often have trouble selecting suitable local executives, since, in addition to the professional suitability and understanding of the culture of the respective country, the culture of the parent company and its business model also play a crucial role in the success of the executive.
This is an exclusive service, only offered to companies whose management or shareholders we have developed a relationship with, and whose business model we have gotten to know extensively.
We also only offer this service on a success basis. Unlike other firms, we do not shower our clients with semi-suitable profiles. Rather, we only accept such assignments if, after an intensive analysis of their needs, we are convinced that we can offer a candidate we know personally from previous cooperation, or come with special, trusted recommendations.

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