Critical Situations

As the dangers of a globalized, labor-sharing, widely digitized world become more apparent and the ever faster changing business environment necessitates hitting the market as quickly as possible, companies are increasingly faced with critical situations.

While you cannot prepare an organization for every eventuality, with the correct guidelines and procedures in place for every business area, you can establish effective management without compounding the problem during the search for the right solutions.

Problems often manifest during critical situations that cause a significant distraction from creating value elsewhere. That is why skills and practical experience in resolving critical situations effectively are a key success factor for entrepreneurs and companies.

Given the multitude of risks, even an exceedingly low probability of occurrence per risk is sufficient to significantly increase the probability of failure. Should a customer project experience complications, the future viability of the company is compromised.

Mastering critical situations is not about sophisticated plans and detailed analyzes. The focus is on acting quickly and pragmatically, making and implementing decisions within a short time.

As external project and company renovators, we offer the expertise and experience necessary to manage the possible ramifications of critical situations hands-on and with care. We focus on the essentials, analyze influencing factors pragmatically according to "pareto" and implement them pragmatically.

If the need arises, we will restructure the teams, supplement meaningfully with our resources - if necessary, and put a stringent control mechanism in place that ensures the success of the project and company with more transparency and timely escalation.

We examine the necessary decisions and thus enable management to make them with a high level of quality. Actions are taking thoughtfully and not merely for the sake of it. Crucial issues are prioritized. Goals and expectations are made transparent to all members of the team and the organization.

We have the right mindset, the necessary tenacity, and plenty of discipline, both for consistent management (mostly interim “CFO”, “COO”, “CEO”, “CRO”) and as “troubleshooters” on the shop floor, in projects and programs.

The management of critical projects does not only require the special challenges of project management, such as determining objectives, plan implementation, close team control, and documentation. It also demands the analysis and understanding of commercial interdependencies, as well as extensive experience in prioritizing scarce resources.

A professional and de-escalating communication of the circumstances and the measures taken to the client is an essential success factor in this context to regain their trust in the company's performance.

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