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CREARO uses agile project management as a tool in all of its own projects. In addition to assuming the management of customer projects according to clients’ specifications and standards, we also offer support in establishing project management processes and aligning your company towards a project management organization.

CREARO project management encompasses the entirety of management tasks, management organization, management techniques, and management tools for handling a project. It ensures that agreed-upon goals are achieved within the framework of the personnel, technical, deadline, and financial framework.

We assist in reacting to cross-organizational problems, agreeing on clear project goals and deriving competencies for their implementation, and avoiding unstructured procedures through a clear implementation plan. In the case of an atypical project, we break open the existing silo thinking and penetrate its “clay layer”, thus enabling a clear focus and the dedicated allocation of necessary resources.

In addition to "classic" project management (= highly standardized, mile-stone driven, work package tracking, gate reviews), we also use "agile" project management to implement suitable tasks. Here the CREARO project team has high tolerances in terms of quality, scope, time, and costs. The client is also deeply involved in the realization of the task. Usually, tasks are only roughly specified at the beginning and are jointly refined over the course of the project via continuous feedback loops and are ultimately defined in a very late project phase.

GPM: IPMA CREARO adheres to the IPMA standard in project implementation. Further standards and procedures are integrated into the solutions we offer on a project-by-project basis. With BIAS IQ, CREARO has its own practice-oriented implementation concept.
A focus on the desired objective and the acceptance by the users is characteristic of agile project management. Less important, or not taken into consideration at all, are business requirements such as an adherence to deadlines or costs, or rendering specified services. Meeting the set target takes ultimate precedence.
In successful CREARO projects, the position and qualification of the project manager are ensured right from the start. There are clear rules for everyone involved in and affected by the project or its implementation. Communication is actively demanded. We do not rely on inquiries, rather, we motivate everyone involved to actively report. Participate in our learning curve: We have continuously improved our process model across all customer projects. Our "backbone" is active and transparent cost management, which compares real-time task realization, deadlines, and budget in the target and the actual. It is the basis of our early “culture of escalation".
According to the principle "Show me how you start your project and I will tell you how it ends", we attach great importance to an exact definition of goals and sufficiently detailed advance planning, especially where agile elements are not in use. Because "You never have time to get it right, but always time to do it again".

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