Business Process Management

Successfully adapting business processes to changes

Quick and targeted adjustments allow you to stay ahead of the competition. We will ensure that they happen in time and that the investments made for them pay off in the long term.

CREARO uses BPM (Business Process Management) as a systematic approach to record, design, document, measure, monitor, and control both automated and non-automated processes.

We understand end-to-end processes (from customer to customer) to be the conscious, IT-supported determination, improvement, innovation, and maintenance of company processes, carried out jointly by all stakeholders, with a focus on customer benefit and satisfaction. A future-proof business process is not only characterized by its customer focus, its integration into information technology processes, and continued improvement, but also in its focus on the employees involved in the process.
A good, talent-friendly, and role-based process organization binds employees and managers emotionally, allowing them to contribute meaningfully to the value creation process.
This is reinforced by a high level of transparency and a good understanding of the corporate strategy. Changed management behavior allows the elimination of controls. Complexity is mastered through simplification and visualization.

CREARO coordinates processes with the corporate strategy and thus helps optimize corporate performance.

NOVACESS CREARO is a partner of NOVACESS, the institute for applied process management, and uses the NOVACESS standard process model.

We develop company-specific individual solutions for the implementation of permanent process optimization.

CREARO implements projects through a phase-oriented approach and the targeted use of the associated methods, tools, and templates.
The qualification and certification of new roles in the CREARO business process model optimally support transforming hierarchical, functionally oriented structures into a process organization that is tailored to the company's workflow and customer value creation.
In doing so, we are changing the corporate culture towards process orientation, role concepts, self-organization and flexibility, and replacing arranged reactions with joint actions in a team.

Our references in the field of Business Process Management

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